Several hundred racers descended upon Thunder Valley for last weekend’s Mike Bos Chassis Craft Nationals, which provides them an extra opportunity to tune their machines for this week’s NHRA Junior Drag Racing League Eastern Conference Finals.

Saturday’s racing took place on an index basis, while Sunday’s action was based on age categories.

Jason Parker of Hughesville, Md. took the victory in Saturday’s 7.90 Index class over Dane Shinault of Hillsville, Va. Parker left the line with a .037 reaction time and completed his run in 7.913 seconds at 82.28 mph.

The 9.90 Index class went to Daniel Young from Palm Harbor, Fla. Young and Matt Schaeffer of Trenton, Ill., both ran faster than the index, with Young using a .028 R.T. and a 9.670 E.T. at 58.25 mph to claim the win. Schaeffer had a .131 light and a 9.487 E.T.

Matthew Cook of Tallahassee, Fla. drove to the win in the 10.90 Index class over Madeline Culbert from Hanover, Pa. Cook’s winning run was an 8.931 elapsed time at 73.43 mph. He took the tree with a .020 reaction time.

Isaac Evans of Athens, Ala. took home the 12.90 Index class over Maddie-Kate Halsey from Clermont, Ga. Evans’ run was a 12.937 E.T. at 49.21 mph. He moved from the line with a .113 R.T.

Jade Dalton of Talladega, Ala. earned the 330’ Outlaw event, over Matt Sackman from Channahon, Ill. Dalton had a 4.334 E.T. to Sackman’s 4.348 E.T.

Sunday’s 8-9 year old class win went to Ahmad Peoples of East Orange, N.J. Peoples defeated Kristen Locks of Whiteland, Ind. in the final round with a .067 R.T. and a 13.097 E.T. (13.10 dial-in) at 48.62 mph.

Culbert avenged her Saturday final round loss with a victory over Michelle Seymour of Cullman, Ala. in the 10-12 year old division. Culbert had a .053 R.T. and an 8.921 pass (8.90 dial-in) at 74.76 mph to earn the win.

Rylee Stufflebeam of Peoria, Ill. defeated Shinault, who made his second final round appearance in two days, in the 13-14 year old category. Sufflebeam had a .049 R.T. and a 7.939 E.T. (7.92 dial-in) at 82.41 mph.

The 15-17 year old division went to Ryan Crews from Ashburn, Va. when his opponent, Genna Bongiovanni or Rockaway, N.J., ran faster than the dial-in (7.945 E.T. on a 7.95 dial). Crews winning run was a 7.930 E.T. (7.90 dial-in) at 77.76 mph.

Kevin Adams of Terre Haute, Ind. won the Quick 330’ over Dustin Ryan of Helotes, Tex. Adams’ winning pass was a 4.238 E.T. (4.24 dial) compared to Ryan’s 4.472 E.T. (4.48 dial).

A week full of activities is now ahead of the competitors as they prepare to earn national event championships during the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League Eastern Conference Finals. The event concludes on Saturday, July 31.

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