Fans visiting the 30th annual Super Chevy Show in Thunder Valley September 24-26 have a chance to take home a nice piece of hardware-- a $4,795 special-edition Super Chevy Show toolbox. has created a unique 30th anniversary edition Super Chevy Show toolbox that will be given away at the end of the 2010 season.  The four-drawer, tool chest will be one-of-a-kind, and can be won by entering the sweepstakes online at, or in-person at any of the Super Chevy Show events this season.

The sweepstakes will start online April 1 and run through Oct. 31. The winner will be notified on Nov. 1. will not only become a series sponsor, but they also will sponsor a car class in 2010.

Forward Sports Marketing's Cameron Beer, sponsorship coordinator for the Super Chevy Show, said the toolbox will be a show-stopping addition to each event.

"We were blown away with the way the Super Chevy Show toolbox has turned out," Beer said. "The promotion is another example of how much excitement is brewing over this anniversary season. We are thrilled to be their partners for this season and we're hoping this will be the first of many years that we work with"

For more information about Thunder Valley's 2010 schedule of events, please call (423) 764-DRAG or visit