Power Hour returns to Taco Bell Street Fights on Thursday, May 3 with a new format which is sure to increase the drama and importance of this all-out, run what ya’ brung event.  

For 2012, five Power Hours will be scheduled throughout the season, giving the region’s baddest street cars an opportunity to flex their muscle in front of the crazy Street Fights crowd.

Additionally, a new point structure has been created to put more emphasis on Power Hour and winning. Competitors will be able to earn points throughout the season with prizes awarded to the top drivers at the conclusion of the season.  

Racers will earn one point for attempting to qualify in to the show. An additional point will be given to each driver who makes the eight-car field. Finally, Bristol Dragway will award one more point for each round win.

Prior to eliminations, two qualifying rounds will be held to set the ladder of eight cars. The ninth and tenth qualifiers will be placed on standby in the event any of the qualified entries are unable to make the first round. Alternates will be eligible to earn round points, but will not receive the point for qualifying into the field.

Two other promotions geared toward racers also take place during the season.

On Perfect Light Nights, anyone has the chance to take home a prize. It doesn’t matter how fast the car is, just how quick it leaves the line. Any drivers who are able to produce a perfect (.000) reaction time, will earn a free season pass good for the remainder of the season. Spectators also are eligible to earn a perfect light by using the Bristol Dragway practice tree. The next Perfect Light Night is scheduled for Thursday, May 12.

The second racer promotion involves our MPH club. On these special nights, all racers have to do is complete a run at, or quicker than, that night's MPH requirement. Everyone who does will receive a special “club” decal to put on their ride.