Ford has a special surprise for the spectators and fans that come to Taco Bell Street Fights on June 28. It’s not a bird or a plane falling from the sky, but instead, cold hard cash. 

Ford Money Drop is back in Thunder Valley, with a fan-favorite promotion to give everyone a chance to leave at the end of the night with their pockets filled with bills. 

Anyone can register for the contest and a lucky few will be chosen to compete. Participants will stand in the “drop zone” under the control tower waiting on the money to flutter down. Action is intense during the Money Drop as fans race to catch the cash.

The action on the track also will not disappoint, as the region’s baddest street cars slug it out to determine the quickest machine in the region.

One more promotion sure to make the crowd happy is the season-long Taco Bell gift-card giveaway. Anyone who brings a Taco Bell receipt can register to win a Taco Bell gift card which will be given away at the end of the night. One Taco Bell gift card will be given away at each Street Fights event.

Gates open at 5 p.m. on Thursday evening, with racing set for 6 p.m. Spectator admission is $5, while anyone can race for only $10.

For more information about Taco Bell Street Fights, please visit or call (423) 764-DRAG.