Drivers of door cars and dragsters converge on Thunder Valley this weekend as hundreds of racers vie for the high dollar payouts awarded to winners of the K&N Spring Fling 20's presented by Sparco.

While only a few racers earn a piece of the over $190,000 in prize money, many more benefit from the weekend's abundance of racer appreciation giveaways. With prizes valued at more than $30,000, a little luck can send racers home with products ranging from gift certificates and racing gear donated by after-market manufacturers to a $16,000 dragster and $5,300 set of Brodix cylinder heads.

Spring Fling creators and longtime bracket racers Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel credit the giveaways with adding excitement to the weekend and emphasizing the value of its participants.

"We're fortunate that our involvement in drag racing has afforded a lot of support for this event," said Seipel. "It is our goal to provide these bracket racers with a smooth-running, stress free racing environment, treating them as respected professionals and ensuring everyone has a good time."

Founded on accommodating racer preference, the event features a 1000-ft. compromise designed to split the difference between quarter-mile racing favored by Northern racers and the eighth-mile distance more common in the South.

For more information about the event, please call Peter Biondo (856) 296-4447 or Kyle Seipel at (510) 912-4160 or e-mail them at More information is also available at