It doesn’t get much better than getting the opportunity to race in Thunder Valley but throw in the chance to win money and pizza and it’s a can’t-miss kind of event.

The April 11 Street Fights Presented by ZRock 99.3 is not only Domino’s Night but the evening also features the popular Money Drop, along with plenty of great racing.

Domino’s Night offers anyone in attendance the chance to win pizza – but dancing skills play a big role in who waltzes away with the pie as the person who does the most entertaining dance earns a pizza on the spot. 

The Money Drop, an exciting grab for cash, returns for the first time this season and features selected participants battling to get their hands on money falling from the sky in what is always a highlight of the evening.

Also on tap is a frozen t-shirt contest, in which participants attempt to don a frozen, folded t-shirt with the winner getting to keep the shirt, as well as an ET/MPH guessing game.

The MPH Club race, which rewards racers with a special club decal for their ride if they complete a ride at, or quicken than, that night’s mile-per-hour requirements, also returns.

The Street Fights Rookie Pass, a new addition this year, is available for any driver, age 16 or 17, and is designed to educate new drivers about the dangers of illegal street racing. It also allows young drivers to race at any Street Fights event during the season at no cost. Rookie Pass decals can be picked up at the gate upon arrival.

Gates open at 5 p.m. April 11, with racing slated for 6 p.m. Spectator admission is $5, while anyone with a street-legal vehicle can challenge Thunder Valley for only $10 or $15 for trailered rides. Children 12 and under are free.

 For more information, please call (423) 764-DRAG or visit